Michael Green

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1958 Stage Noises and Effects

His first published book was about Stage Noises and Effects, and was written before the general availabilty of tape recorders, which arrived almost immediatly it was published.

He wrote a highly entertaining autobiography, published in two parts. The Boy Who Shot Down an Airship (1988) is about his early life, while Nobody Hurt in Small Earthquake (1989) features his career as a journalist up to the point that Coarse Rugby was published.

His one novel was entitled “Don’t Print My Name Upside Down” and was written in the third person, althouhg much of the material is repeated in the second part of the autobiography. As it was never published in paperback and never reprinted, getting hold of a copy was expensive, but worthwile.

Michael Green also wrote a number of books based on newspaper articles and the Coarse plays he created of the Questors Theatre also made it into print.

  • 1958 Stage Noises and Effects
  • 1963 Don’t Print My Name Upside Down
  • 1966 Downwind of Upstage (The US Edition of Coarse Acting)
  • 1967 Why Was he Born so Beautiful and other Rugby Songs – (preface)
  • 1971 Rugby Alphabet (not by the usual Coarse publishers)
  • 1975 Squire Haggard’s Journal (from the Peter Simple column in the Sunday Telegraph).
  • 1978 Four Plays for Coarse Actors
  • 1980 The Coarse Acting Show Two
  • 1981 Tonight Josephine
  • 1983 Don’t Swing from the Balcony Romeo
  • 1983 Never Make Love in a Suit of Armor (the US version of Don’t Swing from the Balcony Romeo).
  • 1985 The Third Great Coarse Acting Show
  • 1988 The Boy Who Shot down an Airship
  • 1989 Nobody Hurt in Small Earthquakea