Coarse Cookery

The Art of Coarse Cookery by Spike Hughes
First published 1971 by Hutchinson & Co.
Illustrated is the First Edition

Spike is on a bit of a roll now, with not only a number of Coarse books in a few years, but also 3 cookery books written with his wife Charmain published around the same time.

According the Mrs Beeton, “Boiling is generally thought to be the easiest method of cooking” and she goes on to tell us – I suspect that she secretly fancied herself as a scientist – that water boils at above 100 degrees C or 212 degrees F if you’re down a mine, and below those temperatures if you are up a high mountain.

Having imparted information that will be invaluable to all who make pots of teas in mines or on mountains, Mrs Beeton assures us: “The simplest thing to boil is an egg.”

To say that “the simplest thing” to boil is an egg is to show an appalling ignorance of eggs and their nature.